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Introduction ~

Why did I not even get invited for an interview? So many ask the question ~ look at your CV. Does it leap out of the page & shout to the would-be Employer “I AM THE BEST ~ EMPLOY ME!” If it doesn’t, your application will most likely be dumped, without a second look!

Your CV tells the Interviewer about YOU ~ it portrays your attention to detail & your professionalism.

With so many South Africans currently out of work………

why is it than that CV’s presented to Companies are so very poor?

Many times, we can read through the poor presentation & see the person’s real potential.

BUT they have let themselves down with a poor &/or badly constructed CV.

The most common errors/omissions are ~

  1. No head shot pic included
  2. Missing & incorrect dates & information
  3. Too much “gumph” ~ flowery stuff that just puts the Reader off
  4. Poor spelling & grammar

What people seem to ignore/forget is that your CV presentation offers an Employer an inside look into your attention to detail & your work ethics & effientcies.

If you cannot take the time & trouble to present yourself in a glowing & professional light, the first thought that will go through their head is “this is an unprofessional & sloppy person”

And you CV gets dumped!

You see, your CV is the view a would-be Employer gets of YOU!

It is therefore vitally important that you portray yourself in the very best & professional manner.

And the CV is just the beginning of the journey!

Next comes the interview…………………………..

A key component is to thoroughly prepare yourself by ~

  1. Research the company ~ learn their goals & aspirations. What is their company logo?
  2. Who will be conducting the interviews? Will there be just 1 person or more? What are their positions in the company? (vital to know, as most from different positions will have similar personalities ~ ie Sales Managers, Financial Managers etc)
  3. What should the dress code be ~ by looking at their website, give you an indication.
  4. What questions will you pose to the Interviewer? Important to list them ~ suggested number is 3
  5. What do want to share about yourself, you background & your intended future ~ write them down!

Of course you will be a bundle of nerves, hence write down what you want to say.

Take deep breaths & slow down ~ most of us tend to gabble when nervous.

And that you have questions to ask them will surely impress them ~ particularly if they are about the company & their intended future.

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