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Picture the scene…………………..

You arrive at a prospect’s business & are asked “so what do you do?”

The very 1st thing that comes into our minds is…a BLANK!

Our brains go haywire as we try to unpack in our own minds, “what DO we actually do for our Clients?”

So, the response comes out with a limp “well, it’s kind of technical, but let me try to explain.”

If YOU are not able to describe your unique services & personal value, what kind of service will you provide?

That is what will be running through their mind!

They have already shut down & the vital first impression is one not particularly flattering to you!

Or of the benefit you will be able to provide them!

Why is it that most of us don’t have that special one-liner describing our business in a clear & compelling way?

One we know by heart & can respond to the question, on the turn?

Fact is, that we never really think about it & we ourselves, don’t exactly know how to describe it; & as a result, when asked, we get it so jumbled it makes sense & doesn’t instil confidence in us.

The common term used to describe this one liner is “unique selling proposition”


A clear statement of the tangible solutions a Customer will get from using your products/services. It speaks to the critical issues your targeted buyer faces as well as the outcomes they’ll realize if they switch from the status quo.

At BizGro, we believe that the USP falls short on some vital points.

We call our statement a Benefit Bookmark ass it touches so much more.


An exciting invitation of the outcomes a Customer will enjoy from engaging with you. It touches on your understanding of their pain, the solution/s your

services/products (the features) provide & the reward/s (benefits) they will enjoy by switching from their status quo (old habits).

How do we compose an exciting Benefit Bookmark; one that excites the Prospect enough to want to know more………………..?

Let’s compose you winning Benefit Bookmark.

It should be made up of 3 elements –

  1. The pain
  2. The solution (the features)
  3. The reward (the benefits)

 The Pain

Show the Customer you understand their business & common pain points/challenges.

This sets the Customer’s mind at ease that they can rely on, any input you will provide.

Name dropping of other companies in the same industry & citing their pain points, often re-enforces your intimate knowledge of their industry.

And as an authority on their industry, they look forward to wanting to learn more.

  1. 2. The Solution

How can your offering solve their problem/s?

Paint a clear & simple picture ~ omit technical detail.

This is the FEATURE of your service/products.

Did you know:- 70% of all B2B purchasing decisions are made to solve a problem!

  1. The Reward

The final element of your Benefit Bookmark is the clincher!

What benefits your Customer will enjoy from your solution?

It could be one or more of –

  1. Will their sales increase?
  2. Will they gain better Customer retention?
  3. Will they increase market share?

The listener now has a clear view of your superior & focused value & how your service offering will positively impact on their business. All thanks to you & described in a short sentence or 3!

Behind the scenes………………………………………

To enable you to compose a winning Benefit Bookmark there are things you DO need to know.

#1: Become an authority on your industry, services, products intimately

These are the questions you need to be able to answer:-

  1. How does your product service solve the common problems & or improve their lives.
  2. What value in Rand & %’s, will your offering provide your Customer?
  3. What gains will your Customer enjoy in time, savings, efficiency gains enjoy?

Tip: Include Rand numbers & % = ie, quantify


#2 : Know Your Customer & their industry & their targeted Customer

Ask yourself & then go & find out:-

  1. What is their business?
  2. Who is their Customer?
  3. What common pain points have you come across from others in that industry?
  4. What are their systems vs others in their industry?

Step 3: Know Your Competitors

What are they good at?

What are they not so good at?

Which tactic could/should you use in show-casing your offering without knocking them directly.

Step 4: test you value

Finally, bring it all together by putting yourself in your Customer’s shoes.

Complete the sentence:-

“I trust this salesperson because………………………”

“This offering will assist me overcome…………………………..”

“Through accepting this service/offering/product, I will gain……………………………….”

Tip: do try & quantify your offering into tangible financial &/or % terms.

That is what ultimately talks to the Customer the loudest…..

Building a sample Benefit Bookmark

Scene set

You are a lawn mower Sales Professional

Your Customer is a hotel with large gardens

#1 the pain

The task ties up a maintenance member of staff for a long time. The drone from the common engine push-powered lawn mower is an irritation to guests & carries on for half a day.

#2 your solution

(* From your research & experience, you know –

> Your solution to the problem is your ride-on mower with a 25 horsepower (powerful) engine and 45 inch (wide) cutting blades.

> Your mower cuts faster & with a wider base than your competition’s & makes less noise.)

Your solution is then, a quicker quieter cut, reducing the irritation to Guests in both, time taken to cut the grass, & when the lawn is being cut, at a lower decibel rate.

#3 the reward

Freeing up the staff member, thus saving the cost of the need to employ an additional Labourer @ R150 a day as well as the obvious timing saving outcome.

SAMPLE Benefit Bookmark

Although every hotel should have lush mowed lawns, we understand the irritation of keeping the grass neatly cut.

Our new modern ride-on mower has proved to be a blessing for so many Clients

Now you can enjoy a perfectly trimmed & beautiful garden, in less time & with a cost saving in labour.

Remember you only get one shot to make a 1st impression.

Make sure it WOWs your Prospect1

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