Bring Guests back to your property & overcome fear

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People have been frightened off about gathering or even being in one another’s company.

We believe the old way of doing business is now a “crash & burn”, to be tossed in the bin, forever.

BUT there are sure-fire ways to entice people back to being in a face to face (my new word “mask”) situation – as us humans are naturally social creatures.

As hoteliers/venues, we need to play on this, to encourage people back to our properties.

What is the prime concern of being part of a “crowd”?

Why simple – sanitization & a fear of being infected.

The key, therefore, for hotels & venues, is to mitigate; no eradicate their fears.

Our role then, is one of reassuring those organising & those attending, that they will be entering a totally safe environment.

Therein lies the new norm psychology of advertising conferencing & social gatherings, such as weddings – that making use of this facility assures the guest that they “gather in safety”

How can this be achieved?

In our view, it requires partnering with sanitization experts.

These are companies who are well versed in providing safety first conditions.

Picture this scenario of the new now =

conducting a bridal party &/or marketing exec seeking a venue, around your property, now requires not just being accompanied by the regular Sales Consultant, but the addition of a SHE (health & Safety officer).

BizGro reckons it will be a “slam, dunk” – you will secure the event, on the spot!

Need ideas to spark your business revival, once you the green light is given to resume trading?

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