Extreme sales tactics for extreme times

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An incredible picture of how the face of the Auto Industry has dramatically changed since 1950.

Which country do you think currently leads the way in the number of vehicles being produced?

I must admit I am really surprised!

But not to give it away, watch the clip!


And no matter what country’s brand YOU sell, we are all currently facing the same challenges in moving more units in these terrible times!

Welcome to the NEW NORM!

Time for Auto Sales revolution, not Evolution!

BizGro is excited to present a half day, EXTREME AUTO SALES workshop for Extreme Sales Execs who are ready to embrace the changed face of Auto Sales.

Just a R4,900 + VAT risk-free investment, with promised rewards of at least x10 ROI, to arm your full Dealership Sales Team………

And so confident are we of these unique, ground-breaking strategies & approaches we will share with your Team, we offer a FULL course refund, should your Dealership’s average Units moved per month, not increase……………

Interested in recovering your lost covid-killer sales, in the very shortest time span?

Why wait…………

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