We provide the following Solutions:

BizGro has built an enviable reputation in the industry with a wide national & international contact base.           Our name has become known as being relative & not just a nice to have training resource.

Coupled with this, the available vast data base of over 1,000 proven workshops ensures we have something for everyone seeking to improve their performance & outcomes.

So confident are we of our learning sessions, we gladly offer money back guarantees. 

These valuable assets are now being offered to Trainers / would be Trainers to enhance your own training profiles & to extend your own data base.

The second & vitally important element is sourcing of sales staff for training Clients. 

This division grew from Clients asking us to source right fit Candidates for them, as they trust BizGro with their sales needs & business aspirations.

The two, of course, go hand in glove. This sub-division has now become our biggest revenue stream.

NOW, BizGro is selling regional Franchises of this extremely successful business model.

Throughout South Africa & even beyond our borders

If you have always had a leaning toward helping others progress & also looking to own you own business, here is a great opportunity.

Richard has devised an ongoing support base to assist you become established in your region, from accompanying you to presentations should you require, to assistance in building personalized workshops for Clients.

The well-established BizGro Candidate sourcing arm is in place & will be there for your Franchise to gain suitable Candidates from as well.

This well priced, plus fully back-up support inclusive offering is the most affordable & guaranteed to be a real success, for YOU, the new BizGro Franchise Owner.

A) Ongoing integral support to the Franchisee

  • An introduction to & detailed listing of BizGro Clients in your region 
  • Access to over 1,000 BizGro workshop courses
  • Support in building dedicated / personalised Customer courses
  • Presentation preparation + Richard can accompany the Franchisee to present if required 
  • Full access to all BizGro’s background staff checks & other skills tests & templates
  • Full access to fee structure for all training sessions
  • Take overall existing Customers in your franchise region



B) BizGro provides suitable & vetted Candidates

  • Adverts for required staff
  • Checks on Candidates
  • Preparation of CV’s for submission to Clients
  • Full access to fee structure for all position levels per industry

C) Full integration into BizGro contact network

  • Franchisee provided with a BizGro mail address
  • Franchisee provided with special signatures per category
  • Free advertising on franchise in the BizGro blog platform, on a regular basis

The cost to gain an exclusive BizGro Franchise?

City regions within RSA

  1. Deposit R50,000
  2. Monthly Franchise fee R5,000 

Country regions within RSA

  1. Deposit R30,000
  2. Monthly Franchise fee R3,000

Outside South Africa

  1. Deposit R75,000
  2. Monthly Franchise fee R7,500
  3. SLA available on request

Regions Available

  • JHB East Rand
  • JHB Central (Sandton)
  • JHB West Rand
  • JHB North
  • JHB South
  • Vereeniging / etc
  • Pretoria East
  • Pretoria West
  • Centurion
  • Bloem/Kimberly
  • CT South
  • PE/Uitenhage
  • Dbn South
  • Dbn North
  • Pinetown
  • Pmb
  • Empangeni / R Bay

BizGro Sales Training, Strategy & Placements

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