Measure Assess & Mould creating a DREAM Sales TEAM

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Equipped with the knowledge to identify & evaluate each Sales Exec in your Team’s
skills level, throughout the full spectrum of the ideal sales function, is invaluable.

It provides a launching pad to craft a high-performance DREAM Sales Team.

The Measure Assess & Mould Manager’s Toolkit is an easy to apply exercise to
accurately establish individual & Team skill levels, across the 25 categories making
up a high performing & successful Sales Professional & Team.

Seller, & common Team’s areas of weakness & strengths can be pinpointed.

This knowledge arms the Sales Manager with a needs analysis enablement, to
improve activity & performance, & from this, sales growth.


The sales job profile ranges over 25 specific skills categories.
A self-score for each, out of 5, is entered independently by (a) Seller & (b) Manager
A one on one intervention then establishes an (c) agreed mutual score, per category.

The value of this discussion is immeasurable, as both Seller & Manager have the
opportunity to express views & clear up grey areas.

Mutual scores of 3 < for any category, requires supportive corrective action to: –
(a) improve performance
(b) revise sales activity
(c) generate sales growth

The exercise
*score of 1: poor in the category, through 2 : 3 : 4 , to 5: excellent grasp of the category
*scores of 3 or less indicate corrective skills needs for that category

The process
1. self-score
2. Management score
3. agreed mutual score / *after one on one detailed discussion
4. corrective measures to improve activity & performance, per category
5. follow up interventions to regulate & tweak improvements


An accumulated score across the full Team, provides a common needs analysis.
This GAP illuminate’s common skill shortfalls.

From this outcome, Management can formulate a coaching &/or training correction
programme for the Team.

Based on your current standing, a performance improvement & revenue growth
expectation schedule, hereunder, should be set, with datelined targets.

PTO = skill set measurable categories with explanations of function

Sales Professional skill set measurables

1. Planner
Contrary to popular conception, the professional Seller is a self-disciplined highly organised
individual. No Customer is ever visited without a prior call plan & objective being set.

2. Investigator
The Sales Pro has the ability to ask the right open-ended questions to prise a Customer’s
needs; even those needs a Customer was not aware of having.

3. Listener
This is the ability to pro-actively listen to someone. To be able to provide solutions to a
Client’s needs, it is imperative to learn what those needs are. They ask the probing questions
& then listen to learn, not reply.

4. Empathy
The Sales Professional can identify a situation from the Customer’s point of view. This gives
them the unique insight in providing the best solution for the Customer.

5. Driven
The Sales Pro has an insatiable desire to make more deals. They get high on success & will
not entertain failure. When they fall, they shake themselves down, learn from the experience
& come out of it more determined than ever to do better going forward. They never hesitate
to go the extra mile.

6. Competitor
The Pro Seller is a fierce competitor & enjoys being stacked up against their peers &
opposition. They don’t want to get better at what they do. They are determined to be best.
0spend their time.

7. Aplomb
The dictionary definition is: – self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding
situation. Is entirely true of the Sales Pro. Belief in self, company, product & ability is
infectious and makes Customers want to buy more.

8. Enthusiast
A successful salesperson shows a self-motivated personality. They are always ready to make
a sale & continually looking for opportunities. Their positive attitude stimulates those
around them to also strive harder.

9. Resilient
Top earners know how to bounce back from a dry spell. They don’t get discouraged when
the sales numbers are down. Rather, they look for innovative ways to turn things around.

10. Energy
The Sales Professional has unbounded energy & enthusiasm in everything they do. actions?
This energy positively effects those around them. It is contagious & lifts a mood. These
people have a “can do” attitude & an obvious appetite for life.

11. Integrity
The best Seller is honest with their company & Customer. If they believe they cannot assist a
Customer, they tell them & suggest offer alternatives elsewhere. They never burned bridges
that can multiply and cost a lot more than one client.

12. Inquisitive
Being curious about the Clients & services/products is only the start. They continually are
seeking new & better ways of doing things & thirst for more knowledge. They follow
market trends & opposition innovations.

13. Adaptable
The Sales Pro is able to move with the flow. They can adapt to meet a Customer’s needs &
balance them with the service offering available.

14. Communicator
They have the ability to clearly express themselves in a way that generates interest from the
listener. People who excel in this area stay away from jargon & complicated concepts.

15. Persistence
Without being rude or pushy, good salespeople know how to get the job done. They do wait
for a Customer to come back to them but control the relationship. Often it takes revising
their approach of attack to secure the business.

16. Passion
A key component of successful salesmanship is to be totally passionate about who you
represent, what you sell & helping a Customer gain the best winning solution.

17. Thorough
Sales Professionals realize that attention to detail is an important trait & with it comes
reliability. They will never hand in sloppy, unfinished work, or are for a scheduled meeting.

18. Value
The superstars that selling isn’t about price. They know how to use a value proposition to
full advantage. That does not include discounting the price – it is providing the best value.

19. Ambitious
Reaching company set budgets is not sufficient for an ambitious Professional. They will set
their own stretch targets & strategies to achieve them. The Sales manager has no worries
about this Performer missing out & letting the Team down.

20. Charming
Sales Professionals realize that impression is important. They ensure to be appropriately
dressed for the occasion, are well-groomed & articulate. They avoid rough language &
portray an image of the true professional.

21. Initiative
The Sales Professional does not wait for instruction. They get up & do. They are adaptable to
changing conditions. Part of their psyche is seeking new & better ways of doing this. If
there’s a product/service that needs selling, they will find a way.

22. Closer
At the point of closing a deal, Customers often feel fear – at the outlay or are they making
the right decision etc. The Professional supports the Client in overcoming this delicate time,
reminding them of what has got them of the positives that has got them to this point.
The best Sellers ASK for the order.

23. Independent
Sales Professionals are leaders in their own right. They motivate themselves & are money
driven, but not to the detriment of those around them. They also take cognisance of others &
are also Team Players.

24. Committed
The best salespeople know they need to always be at 110% to be successful. They set the bar
high & continually try to meet new goals. They realize it is about doing the same good
things every day. They do not talk badly or behind others backs – they are proud company

25. Gratitude
Power of thank you is immeasurable. Even when a proposal has been turned down, they
accept it graciously & say THANK YOU. (then go away & analyse what they could have
done better). They thank their colleagues for work well done.

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