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Covid has overnight, completely changed the way of sales activity to achieve absolute best results.

Customers now prefer seeing as few people as they possibly can.

Arise, you Internal Sales Experts, this is your time!

It is those Companies who have reformed & restructured their sales efforts who are winning.


Through ensuring that you are hiring Sellers, not just Order Takers in this now vitally key department.

And secondly, to give them the tools to make an impression on the Customer ~ special deals, knowledge & systems to work by.

Making them indispensable to your valued Customers

Most often, the function of a Teleseller has been greatly underrated.

You now need to make them become your outstanding sales PERFORMER!

Yes, it is they, who will grow & recover all lost sales in your business.

Frankly, the old-fashioned Sales Rep, that is the person who makes all the noise & gives their Sales Manager headaches, time is virtually over.

Think of the huge advantages of building a serious Team of GREAT internal SELLERS

Their simple needs ~

  1. You can easily control their sales activity
  2. A daily focused sales drive
  3. A massive saving on allowances, cell phones & fuel
  4. The days of tracker & other monitoring requirements can be tossed aside
  5. You can manage your Team! They are sitting with you, in the office!
  6. Train & arm them ~ & your sales will grow ~ to new dizzying heights!

For sure, you will also need 3 speciality Salespeople for the following external sales positions ~

  1. HUNTER ~ the guy to knock down doors & build new business Contacts
  2. KEY ACCOUNTS ~ to look after your strategic Accounts
  3. MAINTAINER ~ to stroke and calm Customers egos, as identified by your Internal Seller

These are all experts in their field & you only require a few of these Sales Professionals, each highly proficient in their own area of expertise.

If you need help to re-build your sales structure, help is at hand

If you need to identify the absolute best for each of the positions mentioned, help is at hand.

Just call BizGro & we can help you build YOUR                                           own 21st Century & successful Sales Team.

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