Never forget people buy form people

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Companies relying on sales growth from the new rage of Apps are making a grave mistake ~ helped on by covid.

People are natural Herders & as such, it is always a person that a Buyer will revert to ~ the Professional Sales Expert.

In today’s difficult times, companies seek more & more to resort to electronic

ordering platforms.

“the Customer CAN see our whole range & can make their selection, in their time” is the most common &, to a degree, valid point made.

Truth be told, companies look to reduce the Sellers’ expense ~ so much cheaper & easier than employing high maintenance Salespeople.

Sure, they DO have a point, but forget the very most important thing about gaining the services of a true Professional.

When you do manage to gain the services of one of these incredibly special & increasingly rare Beasts, it matters WHAT they are selling, but ALL about WHO the Customer prefers to buy FROM!

These highly specialised Professionals have a certain X factor, which the Customer adores & keeps coming back, regardless of what this Super-Seller is offering.

It’s not about WHAT you sell at all, but ALL about the relationship.

Building an unbreakable relationship that becomes the master of that Customer, no matter how easy to use or efficient your “system”

But why is that?

Because we are people creatures ~ we NEED others around; especially those who we like & can trust.

Please never poo-poo this high maintenance Person in your business ~ these are the People who will kick & scream if an order is late or short.

They will upset all your internal Staff & often cause havoc in the workplace.

But why ~ because the CARE: they care about their Customer, to a point where they can become frantic at poor service.

But do remember, they have put their body on the line to the Customer.

Their word is everything & we as a Company should respect that, as we appreciate their “better than average” sales performance.

And when the Company lets the Seller down, that personal trust has been damaged.

Be sure to spend time in letting ALL your Sellers clearly understand the company’s CAN & CAN’T does, or you will face impossible tasks!

I remember one of my top-notch Sellers promising 2 Customers a delivery before 07:00 AM, but these Customers were on the same route, to be delivered by one truck ~ an impossible task!

LOOK after & MANAGE these incredibly special People.

They are extremely difficult to find, in any event!

The greatest failing, I see happen so often is when a Company has the opportunity to hire such a person, but denies THEMSELVES the special opportunity of scoring a WINNER, because they don’t have experience in your field.

We at BizGro, MEASURE their performance ratio; that is their RELATIONSHIP quantum with Customers at past jobs.

This is the greatest secret in hiring the absolute best sales Professional for your business.

Successful sales hires are as simple as that ~ or not ☹

Best wishes ~ & all the best with your next sales Hire!

DO YOU need a TOP Seller?

Then talk to BizGro ~ we have been hiring, (ok & firing), sales Staff for many years.

We have developed the sense of “feeling” that X factor ~ the unknown special “something” that a person has or does not & cannot be broken down into words.

Next article, we will unpack the ideal Sales Manager personality ~ another & totally different breed of Candidate entirely.

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