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Which is the right-fit sales strategy you should adopt for your business to maximise revenue & bottom line growth should you adopt for your business?

A defensive or offensive sales strategy – or perhaps a blended version?

Let’s examine each & understanding their pros & cons.

Defensive strategy

Use when you have a stable, loyal Customer base & capacity is stretched.

A fine balance between investing in more infrastructure & risking service level drop-off or ensuring your current service levels are maintained & even tweaked up, where possible.

Natural attrition of Customer bleed is always a consideration.

Key with this strategy selection is to plug the leaks as much as possible though excellent Customer experience.

Ideal Sales personality

The salesperson profile would be to load your Team with natural relationship builders.

These are the Sellers who can develop iron-clad & fiercely loyal Customers.

Offensive strategy

Ideally suited to a company seeking to grow market share & revenue, in a hurry.

Capacity in abundance, even after stripping out unnecessary expenses.

Danger in cutting back, is incapacitating your ability to deal with new business, at a reasonable service level.

Ideal Sales Personality

Load your Team with Hunters; those Sellers who thrive on identifying & securing new accounts.

Blended strategy

The ideal strategy is to adopt this one.

While ensuring that existing Customers continue to enjoy the very best service you can provide, & what they expect, allocate some resources to continue looking out for, & securing new accounts.

this ensures a steady, controlled growth.

Ideal sales personality

While most business leaders expect their Sellers to both maintain & open new accounts, it is very rare to find a Seller who is equally comfortable or competent enough to fulfil both roles. 

A strong Maintainer finds it difficult & stressful calling on strangers, often to the detriment of their existing Customers.

While an out & out Hunter gets bored with routine calling on the same Customers; often getting sloppy in offering the detailed, close attention a Customer has come to expect.


To meet the demands of both existing Customers, while actively seeking new business, it is advisable to deploy both Maintainers AND Hunters, each focused on their natural talents.

I would set a Hunter up with a geographical area, aligned with a strong Maintainer, or even overlap them with two Maintainers/areas.

Craft the Hunter’s package in such a way to encourage them to aggressively attack prospects.

These Sellers typically get a “high” on the chase.

Let them develop a short-term relationship with the new Customer & introduce them to the Maintainer to take over the management of the account – say, after two or three months at the most. 

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