Presley sumal

I would like to send my appreciation for all your outstanding  services and support throughout these couple of weeks. Your endless effort in keeping me up to date,leaizing with the company , the outstanding reassurance and guidance I received make feel comfortable knowing that there is someone whom  is looking out for the best  for […]

Carol Manale

Good day Richard It sure was a good session The lucky guys that are  joining us will be well equipped. Regards

ZONDO Lungile

Thank you once more for partnering with us. I am really excited for what’s about to unfold !! You have rocked my socks to donkiesperd toe !!!!!!! LOL Much appreciated.

Angelique (Job Seeker)

Thank you once again for going out of your way in helping me secure a position! You have been absolutely amazing!

Jenny Cheary

Thank you for the wonderful training. I really appreciated it. We learned a lot and at the same time it was exciting. Thank you

Elma Kruger

Hi Richard… hope you are well… I just want to say that you still inspire me and I still learn a lot from you… you make my days positive even when its dark. Bidfood, Bloemfontein

Jenny Cheary

Thank you for the wonderful training I really appreciated it the training we learned a lot and at the same time it was exciting Thank you

Terri Russell

I think that after the success of Saturday’s event you will get lots of word of mouth referrals from the delegates who attended for the next one!

Craig – Evolution Agencies

“What a fun morning session it was! Bet you never expected it to be so vocal, but JHB is not for sissies and I am sure every delegate left with something fresh to try. Will certainly attend another one in the future.”  


“Thanks sooo much for a brilliant session.  I certainly came away feeling the need to spark things up. I agree with Craig, and I too look forward to your future presentations.  My staff will attend your training sessions as well.” Kind regards