Who hires your sales Candidates

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What skills does your HR Team have to successfully place sales personnel in your business?

Let’s pose the BIG 5 sales questions ~

1.      Has your HR department ever been into the field & sold to your Customers?

2.      How many of your HR personnel, in their previous lives, have ever made a successful sale?

3.      Does your HR contingent understand what is necessary to prepare for a successful sales call?

4.      Has your HR Team ever been thrown out by an irate Customer?

5.      Has your HR Team any idea of the difference between a HUNTER & a MAINTAINER sales personality?

The answer to these questions is generally a very big fat ZERO!

So what then, qualifies the HR person to successfully source the best, right fit salesperson for your Team?

Generally, another very big fat ZERO!

No wonder 63% of newly hired sales staff leave & move on to greener pastures, within just 6 months. The reason is, that they are simply the wrong fit.

It is NOT that Company or even that Seller who is at fault, it is in fact the person who mis-hired them!

When you need a salesperson, who meets your specific sales outcome needs, talk to the people who understand Sellers ~ BizGro

We are a specialist sales personnel placement specialist.

No bullshit, or silly interview questions. They mean nix! It is all about hiring the X factor.

We source the very best right-fit salesperson who will meet your specific sales needs!

Why / How are we way more qualified than your HR Team?

Because we have been conducting successful sales & placing the very best Sellers for 30+ years!


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