Sales opportunities during the Christmas break

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As Christmas draws near, we find that so many companies put new hire posts on hold.

And they also stop chasing for new business, during this “silly” season.

PLEASE, please believe me, this is the VERY BEST time of the year to gain new business!

Where you were possibly blocked from gaining an opportunity to meet the decision maker to pitch your sales pitch during the year.

NOW is the time to gain access…………………

Why do I say this?

The reason is, that Managers who are still at their office/s during this period, have time on their hands ~ like no other, during their busy year.

They feel guilty at the lack of activity & actually worry, why are things so slow.

They are normally swamped with problem & challenges.

And being the “work-beast” that they generally are, they feel the need to pursue business activities.

So when a Sales Exec reaches out to them, with a clear & profit making or cost saving “elevator pitch”, you will gain an immediate & receptive response.

The “benefit bookmark”, as we have dubbed it at BizGro ~ is a vitally important outreach & incitive outreach invitation ~ to learn more about what benefits, you & your company can offer them.

It is a hugely advantageous & unique, winning sales edge.

And will gain you a unique spot & gain you a leg up, over your “celebrating the holidays” competitor.

Need help to gain more business during this traditional “closed” season?

BizGro will help you gain more sales than you believed possible.

We can assist you & your Team compile a WINNING “benefit bookmark” to gain you access, where you have never been allowed entry to before.

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