the ROI of sales training

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Effective sales training can be accomplished in a half or one day session.Revenue growth achieved through the skills learnt, is reaped over time. When you combine the concept of one-time sales training costs against sales growth over a period & then factor in profitability, the positive financial impact is staggering. Here is an example ~For […]

Who hires your sales Candidates

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What skills does your HR Team have to successfully place sales personnel in your business? Let’s pose the BIG 5 sales questions ~ 1.      Has your HR department ever been into the field & sold to your Customers? 2.      How many of your HR personnel, in their previous lives, have ever made a successful sale? 3.      Does your HR contingent […]

Successfully supplying the food service industry

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The complexity of successfully growing revenue within the foodservice industry isquite different from that of a straightforward FMCG sales function.The role is one of influencing the benefits to the Distributor’s sales personnel, whichthe Manufacturer provides them. And then retaining top-of-mind presence throughbuilding an interactive business relationship.And covid has again changed the rules to gain the […]

Grow Your Sales

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Covid has certainly caused havoc for the Hospitality Industry. And of course, the impact spreads to the Food Service Distributor, as well. How are you finding business in your region? Well, despite the odd, you actually do have an opportunity to regrow lost sales. How? First, undertake this following exercise……………… COUNT HOW MANY CUSTOMERS PURCHASE […]