South African job market in 2021/2 ~ our emphasis being Sales Needs

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Employees can expect to receive an average pay rise of 5.5% in 2022, a cautious improvement over the 4.7% average increase paid this year.

Indications reflect those businesses expecting to freeze increases is set to fall from 12% this year to 5% in 2022.

Businesses are enjoying a recovery from the pandemic & many are planning to offer more generous pay rises.

Welcome news for Employees & many can expect next year’s pay rise to be an improvement vs this year.

Some industries are able to be more generous than others when it comes to applying increases.

 Average pay rises in 2022 are set to be higher in:

  • Medical technology (+7.1%)
  • Pharmaceutical (+6.1%)
  • Consumer product / Food manufacturers (+5%)

The following sectors can expect a below-average increase:

·        Business consulting (+3.7%),

·        Energy & natural resources (+4.1%),

·        Construction (+4.2%)

·        Hospitality & hospitality support services (+1.5%)

The intense search for HUNTER sales talent has intensified, since the gradual easing of the pandemic.

In 2021, South African businesses tried to retain top Performers through pay rises 2.5 times greater than for staff in less vital positions ~ most especially sales posts, sadly.

Some sectors have been hit harder than others, & those who are better off, can obviously offer more.

The pharma sector stands out as one of the most generous, while rises in the energy, construction & hospitality related sectors will unlikely match inflation.

Hiring activity improved during September, according to the latest Career Junction Index, while job seeker activity also grew during the month.

A 4% uptick in hiring activity & a marginal 1% increase in those looking for work, was recorded during the period.

 Latest research reflecting the current “most sought-after” skill sets in the local market are :-

·        Software Development: Demand for software development skills remains high in the online job market. As a result, recruitment for developers and programmers can be challenging due to the competition for experienced and senior roles in this field.

·        Middle / Department Management: Despite a recent declining trend in demand for middle and department managers, hiring activity for managerial staff is relatively high. Over the last six months, demand for middle and department managers decreased by 17%.

·        Representative / Sales Consulting: Recruitment activity for sales consultants peaked during September 2021. Year on year, demand for sales consulting skills has increased by 19%.

Trending jobs

CareerJunction said that the following trending jobs indicate positions that have become more popular in the online job market and have seen a recent spike in demand.

 Data Analysis / Operations / Warehousing

Average salary offerings for an intermediate level position:

·        GP R45,109 to R58,308 p.m.

·        WC R41,360 to R59,925

·        KZN unavailable

Sales posts

Average salary offerings for an intermediate level position:

·        GP R15,067 to R22,253

·        WC R17,427 to R22,476

·        KZN R15,067 to R21,167

Admin posts

Average salary offerings for an intermediate position:

·        GP R17,199 to R26,858 p.m.

·        WC R13,623 to R20,518

·        KZN R13,623 to R20,518

Supply & Demand

An overview across various sectors provides a good indication of where the majority of employment takes place.

The IT, business & management and finance sectors are undoubtedly the most sought-after sectors, followed by the sales, admin, office & support & architecture & engineering sectors, among others listed.

When looking at active job seekers across various sectors, areas of high supply correlate closely to areas of high demand.

This creates a supply vs demand in some job posts, leading to a competitive environment for job seekers.

Volatile recruitment conditions are evident for professionals in the admin, office & support, building & construction, sales, manufacturing & assembly, medical & health and warehousing & logistics sectors.

Hiring has grown across sectors, with the exception of medical & health, here hiring decreased by 18% year-on-year.

Activity has stabilised in the business & management, finance & marketing sectors over the last three months.

Year on year, recruitment activity grew by 15% in the ICT sector, while professionals in business & management, finance & marketing are experiencing similar employment prospects compared to a year ago.

Strong advice to Companies with regards to Sales Placements, is to get creative while hiring.

There are interchangeable skills from other industries which could be most useful & can introduce fresh ideas.

Too often, would-be Employers insist on many years past experience within their Industry ~ an outdated philosophy!

Going forward …………….

It is expected that markets will be needing a massive influx of sales staff needs, as the market normalizes.

Our Advice to Companies with sales needs, is to seek out the right-fit Candidates NOW!

So although, great talent can be secured right now, these people will be in very short supply, in the very near future.

BizGro currently has some amazing Candidates in our talent pool right now, just waiting to be snapped up.

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