the ROI of sales training

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Effective sales training can be accomplished in a half or one day session.
Revenue growth achieved through the skills learnt, is reaped over time.

When you combine the concept of one-time sales training costs against sales growth over a period & then factor in profitability, the positive financial impact is staggering.

Here is an example ~
For a training cost of just R5,990 (half-day session), the return-on-incremental-revenue earned is staggering.
On average, organizations experience a 10% uptick in sales growth rate, within just a single month.
Annualized, that means that a company with a R1,000,000 monthly turn over, can earn an additional R100,000 per month, from a single sales training session.That relates to R1,200,000 over a year……………….

Remarkable ROI like this is made possible by two things:

  1. BizGro’s highly effective & modestly priced sales training solutions
  2. The business Leader who recognizes the economic impact that the investment can deliver over time.

BizGro Skills Training Rates 2023

Presentation methodDurationVenueRefreshments
Face to face sessionHalf day course (3.5 hr)in-houseClient A/CR5990,00
Full day coursein-houseClient A/CR9990,00
TEAMS session
1 hour coursein-houseClient A/CR990,00
inclusive services* pre course GAP self-assessment of needs – individuals & Team 
* post course free help line
* post course review & learning retained
* course outcome guarantee or fee refund
fee outline* payment within 5 working days of booking
* rates exclude travel & venue expenses
* maximum 20 delegates