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Covid has certainly caused havoc for the Hospitality Industry.

And of course, the impact spreads to the Food Service Distributor, as well.

How are you finding business in your region?

Well, despite the odd, you actually do have an opportunity to regrow lost sales.


First, undertake this following exercise………………


Next, & even more important, then CHECK HOW MANY DO NOT!

Remember that each & every Customer uses them, daily! Regardless of how busy or not they are.

The challenge for every Distributor is to “own” your Customer. To do that, you need to supply the Customer’s total grocery needs from your basket.

Failure to “own” your Customer allows a competitor to gain an “in”.

What does this mean for your business?

Simply that you will be under continuous pressure to keep the basket of products you currently sell to that Customer, as the competitor will be trying to increase their basket sales to the Customer.

This then means that your pricing will be continuously remain under pressure.

The primary goal for you, therefore, is to flush out all competition.

Sure, that you may have to cut costs on certain lines to achieve it, but the resultant sales & profit will prove to be well worth the exercise.

Bizgro has the recipe & will happily present our very simple to adopt, training course ~ face to face or ZOOM.

An example of the sales growth achieved by a Client of ours who has followed our training & adopted it ~

Interested in rebuilding sales growth, despite the current economy?

Simply make contact ~ we will gladly be of service.


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