Procurement & Inventory control

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Every Exec Chef, at some stage, is going to be responsible for procurement & stock inventory.
This role is vital in ensuring slick service as well as controlling food costs.
There are several factors to take into account when selecting both products & preferred suppliers.
This guide will explore the aspects of successfully making the right decisions in purchasing the
right stock, at the right price, from the right, reliable distributors.

Modules covered in this course

1. Introduction to procurement & stock control structures
2. Wise product selection
3. Projecting & managing par stock levels, or risk losing money
4. How to calculate your stock turnover rate
5. Be aware of seasonal availability & plan procurement & menus accordingly
6. Creating an audit trail & inventory control process
7. Managing waste & shrinkage ~ the silent killer for the unwary
8. Understanding the hospitality supply chain
9. Selecting the right, creditable suppliers
10.Purchase to meet your needs, not theirs – tips to look out for
11.Why it is important to build genuine Supplier relationships
12.Common sourcing challenges & how to overcome them
13.Five crucial tips to shred food costs
14.The food cost control cycle

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