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Michael Lockley is your online facilitator. Michael has over 35 years of hands-on experience in the Human Resources and Labour Relations fields across the Mining, Steel Manufacturing and Wholesale Food Distribution Sectors and the last 12 years as an Independent Consultant to businesses across South Africa. . His last corporate position was that of Human Resources Director for the Bidfood Division, South Africa, part of BidCorp. In the past 5 years, Michael has chaired an average of 40 disciplinary enquires a year (for both large and small organisations (the average was above 60 enquires a year prior to Covid). He facilitates Labour Relations Courses and Human Resources and Management related courses for a major National Training Provider. His ratings by candidates remain well above average. Use his hands-on practical experience to work for you.  
*Facilitation on TEAMS available if the client sets up a meeting.
Professional Interviewing Skills
Initiating/Chairing Enquiries

How to word and issue written warnings 

  • The different levels of Warnings
  • The importance of correctly worded warnings
  • The need to prove consultation has taken place
  • The validity time frame for warnings
  • Use of warnings as an aggravating factor in formal enquiries

the art of fair/ professional counselling

  • When is Counselling appropriate
  • Misconduct Counselling versus Performance Counselling
  • The key stages within a formal Counselling session
  • The Past Present Future Concept
  • Representation in Counselling
  • Use of Counselling as an aggravating factor in formal enquiries

how to book your preferred time and topic

R390 Workshop fee payable 24 hours before your workshop 

You choose a time agreed to, to suit your schedule, including week ends. 

You have exclusive interaction with an expert to take you through the slides and interact with you, sharing hands on practical experience. 

Reduced consulting rates should you require further help after the workshop.

Request your own HR/LR topic for your workshop to address your particular needs. (subject to Michael agreeing that he has the skill set and experience to add value to your particular request)

One hour duration is a given. Should there be a request to exceed the time frame within reason, this can be agreed during the workshop at no extra cost provided extension is no more than 30 minutes. 

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