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The greatest error with Sales teams is that the management have not analysed the opposition or even fully understand the game they are playing.

No successful, professional football tea ever takes the field without having fully analysed the game they intend playing & the opposition they are going to meet ion the field.

Sales should be no different! 

Before embarking on your sales game, you should have ~

  1. Worked out your short – medium – long term goals?
  2. Where will you end up on the table, with the Team you have?
  3. Who is your competition ~ their strengths & weaknesses?
  4. How will you overcome them to win the game?
  5. Do you have the right team members to achieve your goals?
  6. Is your team a balanced one ~ in other words are the right players in the right positions?
  7. With the team you have, in what position do you expect to finish the season?
  8. Do you need to scout for a talented striker, or defender?

FACT ~ you cannot win the sales game without a balanced & varied team!

How does your Team stack up?

You cannot expect to grow sales if your Sellers are all of the same mould.

Every team needs the variety of talent in the different positions to become a winning one.

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Richard Lyon

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