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The most common questions HR & Sales Management ask themselves
1. how can I trust that our new hire, is the best, right-fit talent available on the market?
2. where will I get the time to sift through dozens of CV’s?
3. how can I be sure that my new hire selection will succeed?
Currently, only 51% of new sales hires, successfully negotiate the first critical 6-months (statistics
show that the failure rate drops sharply after this period); what are the odds your new hire may
become yet another statistic?
The Rand cost, plus reputational & time damage, for every failure, is incalculable.
The question then springs to mind: where do I source this rare beast, without wasting money?
Here is your solution: BizGro Sales Placement Specialists.
At BizGro, we closely measure our own 6-month success rate; currently standing at: 87.3%.
Way better than average, but still not good enough for us.
The reason/s, any placement endorsed by BizGro who fails the 6-month barrier, is closely examined.
As such, our selection process faces constant internal scrutiny & improvement.
What makes the BizGro placement offering totally unique?
1. we are focused on selected industries & positions, where we have the years of experience
2. unlike recruitment generalists, we work in sales related positions, from senior management,
field Reps, to Internal Sellers.
3. placement models are flexible, to meet the specific Client’s requirements & budget
4. the model is self-funding as it is an outcome based one
5. sourcing Candidates is very personal & many of our successful Hires, have been sourced
through our very wide our BizGro Spotter base of experts
6. before any Candidate is introduced, we first engage with our Client to understand your
business culture & specific requirements, enabling us to match both ability + compatibility


So, when you have a sales vacancy, talk to the specialists.
Richard Lyon: [email protected]



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