The Battle of the Hand Towels: PeakServe

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Make the safer choice by changing to paper hand towels. Right now public spaces are scrutinized more than ever before, with people feeling less safe using unhygienic public washrooms. Businesses who don’t take hygiene seriously tend to suffer greatly.

Why use paper towels?

This is because jet air dryers spread up to 10x more germs, drying your hands with a jet air dryer produces more airborne droplets which spread to more surfaces.

Paper towels are the most hygienic way to dry hands especially in hygiene-critical environments. The friction of drying with paper towels removes more bacteria and contains them within the towel.


How can we assist you?

Tork PeakServe uses 50% compressed bundles to:

  • Offer the highest capacity on the market.
  • Make sure hand towels are always available.
  • Save on storage space, in turn reducing transportation and environmental impact.
  • Enclosed hand towels creates a secure and hygienic system.
  • Dispense 1 towel at a time.

With dispensers that can be quickly and easily refilled at any time, you avoid waste and running out. It also allows you to free up your staff’s time for other hygiene tasks and speed up the flow of customers through the restroom.


Tork PeakServe® Continuous® Hand Towel System

  • The highest capacity dispenser on the market
  • 2100 towels

NEW Tork PeakServe® Mini Continuous® Hand Towel System

  • The slimmest and smallest high-capacity dispenser on the market
  • Fits everywhere
  • 1230 towels

NEW Tork PeakServe® Recessed Cabinet Towel Adaptor

  • Improve without refurbishing
  • Increase your recessed cabinets capacity
  • Compatible with many types of recessed cabinets
  • 1230 towels in the large adapter
  • Up to 1000 towels in the large adapter when topped up

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