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We do hope that you are doing well & keeping safe.

Covid has struck all aspects of life, including sales & Customer needs.

The sales role has been turned on its head ~ it is those companies who have recognised that & responded to the changing climate around them who are scooping the sales opportunities.

This requires the reskilling of your Sales Team to meeting the changed demands.

BizGro has been working hard to a) understand Customers new requirements & b) the best sales tactics to deploy to keep Customers happy & to maximise the opportunities that now exist.

And now we offer you this vital inside information to drive successful sales in this new age!

  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE How times have changed. The telephone now rules in supporting & keeping Customer relationships alive & ongoing. Sales Reps, need to learn the skills of sales by phone & Zoom etc. –Workshop Link ~
  2. FOOD MANUFACTURERS This outlines the BizGro support programme opportunities to grow your business within the food service industry (distributors) –Workshop Link ~
  3. FOOD SERVICE DISTRIBUTORS This short course is proving to be extremely helpful in identifying Customer needs & adding lines to your delivery trucks ~ without increasing expenses. Some amazing short terms sales growth improvements Workshop Link ~
  4. THE NO LONGER HUMBLE DELIVERY DRIVER. While your Reps are restricted from visiting Customers, your Driver must still deliver the goods. This creates a unique opportunity to train, encourage & nurture your Drivers into performing a multi operational & sales role function. Your next wave of Sales Reps!-Workshop Link ~


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