Hospitality’s biggest challenge

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We know there are a lot of challenges ahead for our industry all look to recover from the impacts of Covid – what do you consider your biggest challenge?

What do you think is going to be your biggest challenge in the coming months?

Here are the results of this quick UK survey:-

  1. Ensuring customer/team safety 17%
  2. Simplifying the menu 0%
  3. Bringing in customers 83%
  4. Navigating financial support 0%

A very true picture, isn’t it?

Wooing people back is undoubtedly the #1 challenge.

We are being bombarded with crazy discount specials right now, as Properties get their names out their & get “bums in beds”.

Please read this little article & links before resorting to a simple cut slashing exercise.

While we believe this may be enough to stimulate Guests & corporate Clients, there is much more to consider that mere pricing.

What are our prospective Clients pain points?

What is our solution to overcome them?

What should the new norm hotel offering look like?

The common pain points for leisure & corporate guesting run along similar considerations

  1. Financial ~ so many have personally suffered financial strain while companies are attempting to shed any/all unnecessary costs
  2. Home entertainment & virtual meetings have impacted deeply on our lives & new habits have been formed.
  3. The real fear of exposing my family or work colleagues to a possible risk situation.
  4. General apathy amidst the pervading of doom & gloom. In RSA, the corruption revelations have left South Africans sickened & angry.

Any invitation to stir a would-be Traveller to (a) break out of their newly developed cocoon is the only the first step & (b) the second is to attract them to YOUR  Property as the destination of choice.

To achieve that, do ensure you have solutions to each of the above four pain points.

Tick those boxes & they will be back!

Here are two interesting articles that you may find interesting & insightful

  1. Entitled 10 changes Hotels must adapt to for post covid:-

 Would will the successful Hotel of post covid look like:

So many depend on the speed & success in attracting back Guests, as the industry recovers from this devastation.

Wishing you the very best in your march back to filling your Property.

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