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BizGro’s latest sales training intervention tackles your basket offering vs lines purchased by a Customer.

Simply measure your top 100 lines sold & work out how many Customers participate in purchasing all of them.

Next could they ~ are they buying them elsewhere?

It can be a shock to the system!

So why are Customers NOT buying the low hanging fruit?

Would you say its price related?

Your Salespeople will say so!

In truth, the most common challenge is simply a case of Sellers focussing on the fastest moving lines to earn sales & commission!

The low hanging & most profitable fruit is most often forgotten…….
This in depth & mind changing workshop, provides a refreshing energy & new look at sales.

Grow your turnover by 30+%, using the simple techniques outlined in this half day course.

You have never invested in anything more rewarding than “Close the Circle”.

This course guarantees you more sales from an existing basket.

Book now & start earning more…….

Richard Lyon

083 625 7721

[email protected]

* face to face or Zoom training course

* R5,900 + VAT ~ for up to 20 Sellers

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