Prepare to be employed



Being granted an interview with a prospective Employer is daunting, especially in today’s difficult times, when Candidates far outnumber positions available.

A WOW CV & presentation is imperative to gain the Interviewer’s interest.

BizGro supports Job Seekers present yourself in an intriguing light, plus to manage the interview with aplomb & confidence.

This short course offers Job Seekers, the absolute best chance to LAND THE JOB!


Next course: Saturday date: 30May 2020

Point to note: Please ensure you have your mask; strict social distancing measures apply

Registration: 08:30 *course from 09:00AM to 12:30PM * refreshments will be served

What you will get: professional CV; handy referral guide; free help line; best chance of landing the job


for further enquiries, please contact:-

Des Fabré: [email protected]


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