The best time to grow market share is right NOW- how????

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Just follow these 7 fool proof steps to Prospecting success.

  1. You only get one first impression – make sure it’s an unforgettable one.
  2.  Never mail, fax or leave a price list with a Prospect, even if asked to.
  3. Always engage with the Customer to establish needs & opportunities which are of much more value than mere p
  4. Present any solution/s based on your research& experience – differentiating yourself from the competitor.
  5. Never present your whole solution – make them pant for more!.
  6. Pricing should never form the cornerstone of your offering; you can always be outbid
  7. Always leave with having to get back to a Prospect with something, no matter how trivial. It windows your professionalism & efficiency, making you relevant!

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