Tourism in South Africa: post covid-19

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Tourism, post covid-19, will never be the same.

All plans & projections went out of the window with severe lockdown & travel bans.

Welcome to the new norm – the digital age of travel.

To keep up with emerging trends in technology, & break out of the old ways, technology is taking – sorry, has already – taken over.

Did you know that South Africa has been tipped as the “go to” destination, post lockdown?

Yes, even above New Zealand (tipped 2nd), with their fantastic covid-19 strategy.

Thanks to our President & the decision makers, despite all the odds against them.

The trend setters of the post-covid-19 age will surely be –

The solo traveller
No large & extended family holidays will be on the cards.

Expect tourist & leisure bookings to be single-sharing room.

And a significant increase in single traveller’s venturing alone chasing a relief from lockdown & seeking adventure & breaking out.

This new need for exploration & individualism can certainly be capitalized on in our country as South Africa enjoys a host of exciting & unique packages, just waiting for the adventurous traveller.

Eco tourism
The growing market of Millennials with their sense of seeking a holistic & eco-friendly environment, is a great influencer in making their travel decision making process.

Destinations that fit into this ethos are those which will influence their destination decision making for that lifetime experience holiday which will tick their boxes of an ethical, sustainable & a carbon footprint.

The trend for both Westerners & Eurasians is to take a gap year before entering the formal job market, spending the time absorbing other cultures & environments.

What better destination than our country with its diverse & informative cultures – where the road to disaster was avoided through the incredible leadership displayed in crafting our rainbow nation.

That, alongside wonderful coastal resorts & wildlife sanctuaries.

The Rainbow Nation, where amazing things take place every day & totally out of the news!

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