It’s back to work we go! (well, for some of us)

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as some went back to work last week, what changes have we seen; 9 days later?

I’m sure it felt very strange on that 1st Monday morning having to get up, shower, dressed & head to the office, but routine kicked in & we are back to the old normal………

Or are we?

Welcome to the NEW NORM.

Life & business will surely not be the same going forward.

I guess it will still be some weeks; perhaps months before we learn the full extent of the damage that has been done to our economy, & how best to recapture market share & growth.

We at BizGro, are certainly not out of the woods yet.

With so many of our Clients servicing or are indeed within the HORECA, these poor people are still unsure when they will be allowed to re-open.

And even when they do, how much impact will social distancing affect numbers & revenue?

We have long debated & plotted a way forward, both in support of our valued Clients; YOU as well as looking to our own very survival.

Our discussions were around posing questions & observations, building up to solutions –

Question 1:

Will any of our Clients be unable to re-open, or forced to shrink their operations &/or staff after lockdown?


  1. Yes, we do expect some casualties
  2. Yes, we do expect right-sizing to take place, with Clients shedding expenses, including staff.

Question 2: 

How will this affect our business?


  1. There will be less recruitment demand, including cancellation of posts advertised pre-lockdown & frozen temporarily.
  2. There will be little available funding, even in this time of greatest need, for Clients to be able to spend on reviewing strategies & reskilling sales staff, to meet changed Client demands.

Question 3:

How can BizGro support out of pocket Clients regain lost sales, & simultaneously rebuild our own business?


  1. A common perception towards cost saving will be reducing the number of Sellers in a Team.
  2. It is in difficult circumstances such as now, that business Leaders get sucked into a myriad of challenges & have little time to overview business needs & opportunities.
  3. Of greatest value is deployment of an outside & emotionally distanced experienced consultant, with a grasp of opportunies & how to exploit them for a speedy recovery.

Question 4: (Sales Placements)

What sales compliment is required, within the constraints & skills GAP of current sales force?


  1. BizGro will conduct a free exercise for you, comprising of (a) Seller/Team skill strengths & weaknesses analysis, (b) close the GAP development & (c) realistic sales growth expectation.
  2. Staffing requirements assessed & agreed to.
  3. For placements required, fee due payable against sales growth generated (sales personnel)
  4. Other staffing needs, fee due payable over a staggered period.

Question 5: (Sales Process & Strategy)

Clients will require strategic support & ideas, but will they have budget to engage our services, or cash to fund a revenue growth campaign?


  1. Provide Clients with an OASIS analysis revenue growth plan.
  2. (a) observe market status (b) assess opportunies, (c) craft a sales strategy to achieve target/s (d) implement the plan (e) score success / review & revise / tweak activity if/where necessary)
  3. The self-funding model, based on including an agreed % of increased sales generation over a period, to BizGro.

We cordially invite you to make use of & take us up on either or both of these two winning & FREE offers.

We care for YOU = our business is growing YOUR business!

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