You only get one shot…………………

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Very few of us realize the power of the 1st impression.


So, if you have started off badly, your chances of concluding a successful deal diminish by 50%!

Some facts

> It just 30 seconds to create a fist impression.
> People form a belief of you in that short time span
> From then on in, they will be looking for you to behave according to that impression to confirm it.
> The work & time it requires to change a bad 1st impression is enormous. So much so, it can be best to just move on.
> Your dress code & demeanour plays a big part in creating a positive start.
> Be positive, be confident, do not slouch & don’t assume.
> Never throw out a hand to shake theirs – they may not like it at all & could feel you to be overpowering


How to make a great first impression
1. Be on time. If you are late people make all sorts of assumptions about you including you are lazy,               inconsiderate, don’t care, sloppy etc.
2. Be presentable. Dress appropriately for the Customer you are planning to see.
3. Smile. The importance of a smile is incalculable.
4. Be open & confident. Stand tall & make eye contact. Even if your tummy is crawling with nerves.
5. Cell phone OFF. Before you go into a meeting shut it down! Give the Client your 100% attention.
6. Watch how you speak. When we are nervous, we tend to talk fast & stumble over our words. SLOW          & PRECISE is the secret here.
7. Be positive. Never get onto negative topics. A doom & gloom discussion will kill your chances of a            deal. We all like to mix with winners – be ONE!
8. Know you stuff. People relate to a person with knowledge & an understanding of their business &              challenges. So, before you even meet, research their company & industry.

The best sales Professionals don’t just wing it! The open, relaxed introduction only comes through hours of preparation & practice.

There is no short cut to making a WOW first impression


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