Growing your business in tough conditions is actually the BEST time!

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I am concerned……………………………………

So many of our Clients advise “sorry, that sales post we asked you to source Candidates for, has been put on hold” or “we have a freeze on sales placements” or “we have doubled our current sales Reps’ areas, so they will earn more & not leave us”


Sure, trading IS tough right now.

But it does not mean “stop trading”!

  • During a time of recession, it’s easy to panic.
  • Panic is fear-driven & based on emotion.
  • It can spark poor decision making.
  • And those could cause your business to stumble.
  • Giving in to panic accelerates a downfall.

But, do prepare for changing conditions………..

  • Confront the change of trading in a tough trading climate – fact
  • Do prepare to change how you conduct business.
  • Today’s decisions will be tomorrow’s
  • Be different & broadcast your uniqueness.
  • Tell people why they should buy from you.
  • Provide them with added value, not discounts.
  • Your business can, & will, grow in this difficult market.

Most Companies will huddle in laagers & cut back.

The enterprising Leaders realize that this is the perfect time to grow market share & revenue.

These few, will exploit the conditions, to increase revenue!

  • There ARE opportunities in difficult times – many of them.
  • First, differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Customers need the benefits of your skills & experience, more than ever.
  • They too, must be nimble & manage their businesses better.
  • They too, must become more competitive & work smarter.
  • Your task is to help them gain these efficiencies to for them to WIN.
  • They WIN, you WIN!
  • Not by selling price or commodities………………………………
  • In difficult times they need your expertise & solutions, so much more.

The secret to success in tough times is –

  • Act positively & decisively
  • An upbeat team is 15% more effective than a demoralized one
  • Add to your sales Team, by bringing in even more talent
  • Certainly, do cut unnecessary expenses, but never cripple your service or growth potential
  • Do not, withdraw into a laager mentality
  • Do train & equip your sales team to become the very best in your industry


PLEASE, don’t come short of that pot of gold waiting for you!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to grow & prosper!

Just DO IT!

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