YES YOU CAN ~ despite covid!

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Start by focusing on low hanging fruit & attack one market sector at a time; beginning with a Customer in a market that you have found most the most success with.

Why ignore other sectors & focus on one at time?

The reason being that we will learn from Clients within that industry & identify common pain points.

Therefore, when we approach the next Prospect, we have already built up a fountain of knowledge & a very good indication of their common pain points ~ it will very likely be similar for the vast majority.

We can then couch ourselves as the expert service provider/solution provider to that industry.

I cite a perfect example:-

One of our Clients has an accounting business & simply could not attract new Clients.

We found that 2 of the 5 she had, happened to be Doctors rooms.

 We carved a relevant Benefit Bookmark for her, focusing on the pain points felt by doctors’ practices.

Her outreach was made from the angle of being a “Medical Financial Practitioner”

 It worked like a bomb; she was touching them with language they understood by speaking their business language & soon learnt that most Medical practices employ nice people but with very little bookkeeping skills.

 She now has a thriving practice with more than 15 medical centres & Doctor Clients.

 He reason being that 70% of B2B buying decision are made to solve a problem.

 And for medical practices, she touched & alleviated that common pain.

 Need to source new Accounts?

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