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Every training intervention should first be preceded by a pre-course assessment if you wish to gain maximum ROI.

At BizGro, we follow an assessment process in order to deliver on our promise of “growing your business”


Our process follows these pre-course steps –

  1. establish the Client current situation
  2. what are the outcome expectations?
  3. what skills are lacking &/or why are expectations already being achieved
  4. who should be trained to produce the improvement?
  5. the level of management participation
  6. what should we train them on & over what period?
  7. how many interventions should be held?
  8. who will be responsible for ensuring implementation?
  9. what scoring (measurement) method shall be deployed

Some salient points to achieving successful training outcomes –


Without management first buying into & then actively (& enthusiastically) participating, any training intervention will die a natural death.

It has to bedriven from the top or is just a nice to have.

Without Management participation I cannot provide a guarantee on results delivered.

Identifying the Desired Result
Any training should have a desired outcome in mind.  

Examples of which are –

  1. Improving Customer satisfaction ratings
  2. Increasing conversion rates
  3. Improving Employee performance & success through better supervisions
  4. Sustainable Sales Revenue growth

Once determined, this needs to be maintained as the core of the development process to ensure that the course meets this expectation.

 Desired Behaviours

Successful training outcomes depends on changing behaviours.

Learners need to:
a) Know what they need to do to succeed

  1. b) Have the capability to do it;
  2. c) Have the motivation to do it.

In discussion with management, we examine crucial competencies, personal characteristics, abilities, behaviours & knowledge that will naturally need to the desired outcomes.

Performance gaps

from this exercise, we can identify who needs training & required focused attention. Once this is clear, we have a foundation on which to build the course.


To enable relevance, we spend time in a Client’s business, gaining an understanding of the business culture & terminologies.

Further, time in the field assists in digging out challenges faced by those at the coalface & the strengths & weaknesses of the competition
Pre-course homework

An important curser is to set pre-course homework for Attendees, based on the challenges faced.

This provides a great icebreaker as well as gaining an insight as to the challenges, from their perspective.

BizGro is the only Skills training practice that offers a guarantee on outcomes achieved

Does your company need ~

  1. A clear breakdown of your Sales individual & Team skill level?
  2. A clear development roadmap to achieve revenue growth opportunities through upskilling your existing Team?
  3. The assurance that any training intervention comes with a guaranteed objectives outcome?

Then you need BizGro!

The faster we connect, the quicker you will be on the road to new successes!

Simply contact us  & we will get back to you in double quick time.


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