You only get one go to make a great 1st impression

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So, you wish to be employed?

Interviews can be scary. But freezing at this moment of truth, is the very worst thing you can do!

Beat your big day nerves by careful preparation & focusing on creating a great first impression.

33% of Employers claim they have made up their mind to employ you or not, in the first 90 seconds

THAT is how important the first impression you make, is!

Before you get to the interview, research the company. What are their past successes? What products & services do they offer? Who is/are their target markets? What skills & experience benefits can you bring to their business?


Here are some secrets to make a WOW first impression!

  1. Arrive early!

Besides being rude, pitching up late gets your stress levels soaring!

The impression on the would-be Employer is that you are not reliable. BAD!

So, arrive at least half an hour before the prescribed time.

IMPRESSION – you will be viewed to be keen & professional

  1. The handshake

NEVER ever stick out your hand first! Wait for the Interviewer to offer theirs.

Practise your handshake! Sounds silly, but it is an awkward moment for most.

First of all, is your hand wet & clammy form the tension of the interview to come? Have a ready tissue on hand!  Never crush your Interviewer or hold out your hand like a dead fish!

The secret here is firm & dry!

IMPRESSION – it reflects your self-confidence & positivity


  1. Dress code

It is crucial to dress appropriately for an interview. Do your research beforehand. Are they very formal of just smart, casual? The secret her is to match the manner in which the staff dress at that particular company.

IMPRESSION – you will be seen, as a “match” for their company’s culture.


  1. Eyeball to eyeball.

Forget any cultural rituals you have. In business it is crucial to make direct eye contact with your interviewer. If your eyes are darting around the room, it sends the message that you’re uninterested or nervous. Look them in the eye, without staring.

IMPRESSION – it indicates that you have integrity & are someone to be trusted

  1. Display of nerves

When nervous, we often tend to fidget, such as touching ourselves or tapping a foot & not knowing what to do with our hands. Make a conscious effort to keep your hands still if you know that you start fidgeting when you get anxious. Hold your breath & count to ten to settle all nerves – picture yourself being the successful candidate – believing is achieving

IMPRESSION – a show of confidence creates the impression that you are confident of fulfilling the role & that you are the right Candidate


  1. Body language

The body language you display is the single most positive or negative factor in being awarded the position. You may talk the talk, but a nervous, or casual slouching, demeanour could present an entirely impression to the Interviewer. Be alert, sit up straight & show interest. Sit up straight & presenting a warm smile, goes a long way towards gaining your interviewer’s trust.

IMPRESSION – you show your professional & friendly personality – what you say, shows you may have the talk, your body language confirms you walk the walk.

  1. Listen……………

Too often, we are so anxious to sell ourselves to our prospective Employer, we waffle on.

The best impression you will make is to listen! Let the Interviewer lead the conversation & respond when asked to.

IMPRESSION – your ability to listen & formulate intelligent answers will clinch the deal.


  1. Thank you

No matter how you believe the interview went, be sure to mail the Interview after the meeting to say “thank you, for your time & considering me for the post”. I cannot stress this vital point enough. I remind all of my Candidates to say, “thank you”. It is amazing how many, who may not even have been short-listed, are elevated to strong probables, simply through this simple action.

IMPRESSION – you have shown your appreciation of their time & reflects to the Interviewer how you would treat Customers if you were the successful Candidate.


The fact that you’ve been invited to a job interview means that your prospective employer thinks you have what it takes to work for their company.

You’ve got your foot in the door, now is the opportunity to prove them RIGHT!

Of course, interviews are stressful

Use these techniques to overcome those nerves & and land the post!

And when you are employed, always give 110% – you owe it to your family.

Make them proud!

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