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Gee, virtually every Prospect I touch base with is crippled with doom & gloom!
What is going on here?!
Sure, things are tough! Our beloved country has been wracked by state capture & corruption.
Agreed, if the culprits are taken to task & thrown into jail, as they should be, the general mood
would lift.
But why allow outside influences to dictate our own area of influence & control.
There is a saying “when the going gets tough…….”
Hey, it is the tough who roll with the punches, while looking out for the endless opportunies that are
always around us.
While the “ordinary” huddle in a corner, & blame everything but themselves, for the reason they
“can’t”, the winner says “I can” & gets up & does it!
The pessimist groans, that the glass is half empty, the optimist gloats that is half full.
While they are deciding, the DOER doesn’t question; just drinks the contents & reaps the rewards.
Life is perception – believe & you will achieve.
Think BIG & you will be BIG!


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