Most common sales interview question

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The absolute favourite sales interview question posed by Hirers, is “sell me this pen”
This week I heard the best response ever, shared with me by a Sales Exec on a training course.
The meeting got underway & suddenly the Interviewer produced a pen & of course asked the question “sell me this pen”
The Candidate took it from him, looked thoughtfully at the pen for a few seconds & then passed the Hirer a piece of paper torn from the note pad he had brought with him.
Then he asked “would you mind writing your name, please Sir”
Of course, the Interviewer had handed his pen to the Candidate, & so asked “please pass me the pen”
The Candidate answered “Certainly Sir. That will be R10”
The Candidate created a NEED! The perfect answer!
Oh, & he got the job!
Happy selling!

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