What the poor Housekeeping Team finds when they enter vacated rooms, is anybody’s guess.

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A guest’s confession: –
“I’m quite certain a hotel maid in the fancy Harties Lodge I stayed at once surely thought I had pooped.
Their chocolate turndown had been left on my pillow, as all upmarket establishments do.
After a long day’s conferencing & a hard night’s drinking, I arrived at my room very late, & a touch under the weather.
When I awoke, my body heat had melted the chocolate & it was everywhere.
I tried to rinse off the pillowcase in the bathtub, but it was still stained.
I pulled off the sheets, wadded them up into a ball & threw them in the corner hoping the maid wouldn’t peek within.
The mattress also had this circular brown stain………………
Thank goodness it was the last night & we booked out early the next morning”
Poop or no poop, the mattress still had been stained, & your next guest would not appreciate or understand, that the brown patch was nothing more innocent then chocolate.
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