The cost of hiring & KEEPING new staff!

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One of our recent sales Placements has missed the 3-month mark & is parting ways with her new company.


This is so galling for us at BrizGro, where we pride ourselves on sourcing the best fit Professional to meet your requirements.


This dropped our measured success rate of sales personnel placed at making it through those 1st difficult 6 months and going on to make positive impacts with their new companies, to 98.7%.

Nothing less than 100% is good enough. 


We fully appreciate the pain in cost & time lost, to our Clients, when we miss the mark on providing them with a “sticky” Candidate.


This prompted me to research statistics around new hires & staff retention.

Guess what? It is horrific!

  1. 30% of new hires realized that the post was not for them, within the first WEEK of starting.
  2. 58% of new hires do not last 90 days with their new company
  3. 28% of employees do not get through the first six months
  4. 5% & less are only likely to leave after 6 months, so there is a great drop off in movement


What about management – 

  1. 80% of corporate leaders view employee retention as a key challenge
  2. 30% of employees will jump ship, is a common perception amongst business Leaders
  3. 30% of the leaders at companies, with over 100 employees, are themselves actively pursuing employment elsewhere.


When you need your NEXT Sales Rep, talk to the best ~ to BizGro!


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